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Nonna's Marinara Sauce

Just add tomatoes and olive oil for a marinara that tastes like it has Italian sausage in it! Words really can't describe how fabulous this sauce is. Do you like sauce with rich Italian sausage without the calories? Try this! It is as easy as it is good. Just add tomatoes and olive oil(optional). This mix makes 12 cups of sauce. You can make marinara sauce, pizza, bruschetta, anything! Add meatballs, chicken, beef, pork, anything! See our recipes for money saving meals. You can feed 8 people spaghetti for less than $2.00 per person and that includes the tomatoes, pasta, bread and salad. Make a big pot of meatballs and dine on inexpensive meatball subs. Try this for that hungry crowd watching the game at your house. You can make in advance keep in the crock pot for self serve. Check out our recipe section for more ideas on how to use this product. Container: Spice Bag Ship Wgt. 2 Oz.

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