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Goat Milk Soap- hand made


Unit Price: $ 4.5

Goat milk lotion


Unit Price: $ 9

Skin Lover Goat Milk Soap


Unit Price: $ 4.5

Goat Rope Farm

Our farm is located at the end of a "holler". We have a small herd of very happy goats. I make goat milk soaps and lotions using the cold-pressed method. Soaps are poured into molds with many decorative designs to choose from. I can make fragrance-free soaps. I use coconut oil and cocoa butter in my standard "skin lover" recipe and also offer lotion with sweet almond oil as a base. I am a bit "off the grid" and small-scale. Please contact me via e-mail or phone for order information.
1201 Porter Creek
Milton 25541

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